Gary's Landscaping, located in Staten Island, NY, offers a full-service lawn and garden maintenance program to accommodate all your landscaping needs. We service both residential and commercial properties. Gary's Landscaping can design, install and maintain all your landscaping needs, including shrubs, trees, sod, flowers and various edging. Call today to get an estimate.

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Serving Staten Island for over 25 years!

Gary’s Landscaping is a full-service company providing landscaping design and maintenance to residential and commercial properties in Staten Island and the outer boroughs of New York City.

As a boy, Gary Malandro learned everything he could from his mother and father. Whether it was watering the bushes or planting flowers, Gary picked up all the tools of the trade from his parents. He was taught that putting your heart and mind into each job will always yield positive results.

In 1986, he started the business using his father’s mower to treat lawns around the neighborhood. He soon incorporated other services into his repertoire including garden design, tree and shrubbery installation, and snow removal. In the following years, Gary’s Landscaping expanded to provide services to commercial properties, schools, city and federal agencies, and condo developments.

In 2011, Mr. Malandro donated materials and services to the “Smart Home” built in the Prince’s Bay section of Staten Island for 22-year-old quadruple amputee, veteran Brendan Marrocco.

With a heavy heart and green thumb, Gary’s Landscaping has risen to prominence both locally and citywide. Mr. Malandro has built his entire life around the landscaping business and strives to bring the absolute best service he can each and every day.


When I broke into this business over 25 years ago, one of my goals was to be more than just your average landscaper. People take pride in their lawns and gardens, and I took that passion very seriously. Providing insight and technique, I tried my very best to manicure each school, residential, commercial, or business property in a unique way.

Helping families enjoy their new backyard is the best part of my job. At Gary’s Landscaping, we aim to bring enthusiasm to every job we take on. That gusto drives us on a daily basis, meaning we’ll continue to provide outstanding landscaping service and maintenance to the greater New York area.

Gary Malandro

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